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Our mission is to transfer to you all technology news and news through the world’s largest newspapers and trusted sources.
And we are an outstanding team of top technology professionals.

Contribute to user awareness.

KG Tech News has paid great attention to educating the user about the importance of preserving intellectual property rights and has shed light on the negative aspects of its violation, by covering news related to this field.

Areas of coverage.

The site covers a number of major areas in the information technology sector, and it contains multiple sections, including the latest international news, Internet news, the world of computers, digital cameras, security and protection, music players, mobile phones, programs and applications, open-source, electronic games, studies Reports, printers, and scanners. The site also contains other technical axes such as: Share your opinion, under the spotlight, specialized articles, and special interviews, in addition to an entire section dedicated to covering the news of technology companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa. The site also covers a number of specialized events and events, on the Arab and international levels.


That KG Tech is the trusted and trusted source for technology news; For both the media and the last user in the world.

the mission.

For the last user: Covering technical news at the global level, and providing the last user with a comprehensive electronic platform, keeping him fully informed of the latest technological developments, moment by moment, and according to the highest professional standards.

For technology companies: Providing an effective marketing platform to reach a group of specialists and important in the technical field in the world.

With regard to the media: forming a reliable and reliable source, and a reference for technical terms and concepts, drawn from the various media outlets. To support its coverage of events, and various technical issues.