Zoom temporarily removes the 40-minute time limit

Zoom earlier this week said it temporarily removes the standard 40-minute time limit for free video chats for Thanksgiving Day; To virtually make it easier to spend time with friends and family on the US vacation.

Given the rise in coronavirus cases nationwide and the many new and existing restrictions on interstate travel, Thanksgiving this year will be an unprecedented event, and will likely involve a mixture of in-person and virtual sessions using video conferencing software, such as Zoom.

The 40-minute maximum time limit has been one of the main limitations of Zoom’s basic plan throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Often times this time limit forces groups to restart chatting after the timeout has expired. Causing a fair amount of hassle in the continuation of the conversation or the virtual gathering.

Several Zoom’s competitors have imposed similar restrictions, including Google Meet with the 60-minute limit and Cisco Webex after 50.

All service providers charge an additional fee for enterprise-wide plans that remove the limit and expand the number of allowed participants.

The video conferencing platform Zoom, which earlier this year boomed due to the pandemic, benefits if it eliminates that limit, even for just one day, on a high-traffic holiday like Thanksgiving.

In this way, the company could become a destination for virtual celebrations, while making its platform a vehicle for communication with others during the pandemic.

The temporary removal lasts from midnight on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, to 6 AM ET on November 27.

The platform wants to help users use video chat as an alternative to traditional family gathering.

Given the bleak predictions of the Coronavirus from health experts and current rises in positive results in nearly every state in the United States, it is better to rely on technology to fill the gap rather than risk traveling during the most dangerous times of the year like Thanksgiving.

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