YouTube TV adds 4K streaming and offline downloads

Google announced that the TV broadcasting service YouTube TV will offer in the coming weeks a new additional package with the ability to broadcast in 4K resolution, offline viewing, and unlimited simultaneous broadcasting at home.

YouTube TV offers live TV, video on demand, and cloud-based DVR from over 85 TV networks.

Given that more people are moving away from the traditional cable service, Google TV has become the preferred choice for live TV broadcasting.

Accordingly, this year the service gets more new features, including 4K Live Streaming.

Google confirmed, via a new post, some planned updates for its core products, including the YouTube platform itself, YouTube Music as well as YouTube TV.

There is no specific time limit for the arrival of new features, including the ability to watch broadcasts in 4K resolution, assuming the channel has the ability to do so.

4K broadcasts are still very rare, but they could become more popular in the future, especially as major events, like the Super Bowl, have tried to broadcast in 4K.

In addition to 4K broadcasting, this new add-on package allows you to download recordings for offline viewing.

This additional bundle also gives families the ability to use YouTube TV across more devices simultaneously.

As is the case today, a family can watch the service on up to three devices simultaneously.

It might not be very common for households to reach this point on a regular basis, but having the option to extend simultaneous broadcasts would certainly be welcome.

It is not clear at this time how much this additional package costs YouTube TV subscribers, as the service starts at $ 65 a month.

It is also not clear if there will be any restrictions on channels or offers that support offline downloads, and the company does not provide any examples of the content that will be available in 4K.

Offline viewing is very rare among broadcast TV apps, and Hulu allows you to download TV shows and movies on demand for offline viewing, but this does not apply to recordings from the Live TV service.

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