YouTube seeks again to combat abusive comments

YouTube tries to combat the abusive comments that appear under the videos by following the same steps taken by other social networks, by alerting users before posting anything believed to be offensive.

YouTube announced in a blog post about the launch of a new feature that will warn users when they post a comment that it believes may be offensive to others, to give them the option to think before publishing.

The tool will not prevent users from posting comments, and warning phrases will not appear before each comment, but will appear for comments that the YouTube system deems to be offensive, and that include frequently reported content. When the warning phrase appears, users can go ahead with posting the comment, or take a moment to amend the comment.

For content creators, YouTube has launched improved filtering systems for YouTube Studio, which is the channel management division. The new filter allows the removal of offensive and harmful comments that are automatically recognized. It is not posted for review. The tool will launch for Android first, and for comments written in English.

While YouTube suffers from the problem of offensive comments and hate speech, according to the site, the automatic filtering system has removed 46 times of hate speech comments daily since the beginning of 2019. The site said: More than 1.8 million channels have been closed during the previous quarter, according to Khattab. The hatred.

YouTube is also trying to combat other issues affecting creators, including: monetization, bias, and stress, as well as concerns about channel growth. Starting next year, the site will voluntarily begin by asking content creators what information is needed on gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

The site aims to use that data to determine how to deal with different communities in terms of content discovery, and when it comes to generating income. The gay community who posted on YouTube previously complained that the site’s systems automatically prevented them from making money, or hiding their videos.

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