YouTube officially supports HDR Live Streaming

YouTube announced today, Tuesday, the availability of the live broadcasting feature in (High Dynamic Range) HDR to content creators, as of today.

The video sharing platform supports HDR in pre-recorded videos since 2016, but now, live broadcasts are able to take advantage of this technology.

YouTube says: It is the first of the major platforms to support HDR live broadcasting. Initially, the platform supports HDR10 and HLG, and YouTube says it hopes to expand support for the technology in the future.

HDR is a technology that allows videos to display a wider range of colors and brightness. Blacks can be darker and whites brighter, revealing more detail in the shadows and highlights of the image. The result is that images look more vibrant, which has led some to argue that the transition from (standard dynamic range) SDR to HDR offers more benefit than the jump from FHD resolution to 4K. YouTube added support for 4K live broadcasts in 2016.

To take advantage of the new technology, content creators will need to use one of the codecs supported in Google’s lists, and viewers will need to watch on a device that supports the technology, such as: the YouTube app on a TV that supports HDR, or on a Chromecast Ultra, or an Android device with an HDR screen. . YouTube says it plans to add support for more encoders and mobile devices to stream HDR content in the future.

It is noteworthy that the new announcement comes days after YouTube expanded its firsts feature – used for previously recorded live broadcasts – by adding support for commercials, redirects from previous live shows and countdown timers.

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