You may forget a match and not be able to remember its events, and you may forget players with their eyes and remember their names only when one of your friends reminds you of them, but it is very difficult to forget the wonderful goals scored by the stars of the round witch, whose names are immortalized in football records, and remained to this day stuck in everyone’s mind.

“Today’s Goal” is a daily report, in which we will present to you some of the most beautiful football goals scored by the game’s top stars.

Today’s goal for the Brazilian legend Pele in the 1958 World Cup, which was a witness to his footballing birth, as he participated in this tournament for the first time as a young player, but he ended it holding the title and carried on his neck, after he performed exceptionally despite his young age, led Brazil to win the title for the first time in its history.

With Brazil’s arrival in the final, Pele entered history as he became the youngest player in history to play the World Cup final, as he was only 17 years, 8 months and 6 days old, a number that no other player has broken to this day. 

Pele also entered history because he scored two goals in this match, and to this day became the youngest player to score in the World Cup final, and his first goal in this match was very impressive, as he received a longitudinal ball on his chest, then deceived the Sweden defender and made the ball pass over him before he receives it again and shoots it into the net, scoring one of the most beautiful goals in the history of the World Cup.

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