Workspace from Google to compete with Slack and Microsoft teams

Last week, Google announced that its Workspace suite of productivity tools will be freely accessible to everyone.

These new web-based tools will be freely available to everyone with a Google account.

The move is clearly motivated by Google’s desire to compete with apps such as Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams in the free remote collaboration tools market.

This means that you can now get access to the completely redesigned Gmail mail service.

Google is bringing some additional features to Gmail that are meant to make it easier to share and collaborate with others.

It is a big step for Google to compete with popular productivity services that have found heavy use during the pandemic.

When you create your Gmail chat preferences, you should notice the new Rooms tab at the bottom left.

Which is separate from the Chat tab, where previously rooms were only available to paid Workspace customers.

Which is separate from the Chat tab, where previously rooms were only available to paid Workspace customers.

For now, these rooms basically look like stand-alone group chats, but Google says it plans to roll out new updates over the summer.

Google plans to compete with popular productivity services:

Google plans to add features such as thread hierarchy, presence indicators, custom states, and rename rooms to (spaces).

It seems that the main goal of the move by Google is to make billions of Gmail mail users.

They start using Spaces the same way they use productivity services like Slack and Teams.

These services serve as central gathering points for remote collaborators to chat, share links, leave comments, and start meetings.

This is part of Google’s grand vision to provide a unified and accessible workspace for all that the company presented at its recent developer conference.

Where the company revealed the most important smart productivity tool, which is the Smart Canvas tool.

This project management tool allows multiple users to work together across different document types.

Smart Canvas is designed to fully integrate with Workspace, and is an essential part of the Gmail redesign.

You should be able to verify this for yourself by now: just open a Google Doc and type the @ symbol.

Through the small window called (Smart Slides) you will see checklist items that you can mark.

This is to share documents and dates with specific people while working remotely.

More smart chip functionality and more features will generally be added to Space products.

Like Sheets and Meet throughout 2021 to make it more competitive with free collaboration tools like Slack.

From now until next September, Google is expected to launch the Companion Mode feature for computers and mobile devices.

This feature allows people in the conference room to turn on their cameras as well so that remote workers don’t feel left out.

It provides Companion Mode for meeting participants to have access to Meet tools.

You get additional features, such as: chatting, screen sharing, and polls.

Single paid version of Workspace

Google has also started promoting a paid remote collaboration service for people called Workspace Individual.

It is a service that gives subscribers access to better video meeting tools.

In addition to other features such as personalized email marketing, smart booking services, and other features that Google intends to introduce in the future.

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