Will Apple give up the charging port in the next iPhone?

Apple has been known for years to swim against the mainstream in the smartphone market, and no one denies that it was the most controversial innovation of the decade when it launched the iPhone 7 in 2016 without the traditional 3.5mm headphone port, most smartphone manufacturers will later do the same in their main phones.

Apple took the move to push users to buy the AirPods, which it first launched in 2016, initially apple headphones received a lot of criticism about the unusual design, and the high price but now it has become the most popular and sought-after wireless headphone model.

This year, Apple introduced the new iPhone 12, which includes four phones of different sizes, all without the charger and earpiece, where you will find only a phone and a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box, in order to preserve the planet. But analysts have found that the move will not save the planet but will increase Apple’s profits.

portless iphone

All iPhone 12 phones also support a new feature called MagSafe wireless charging, and magnetically pastado slates on the phone’s background, such as a card case, and others. That’s why Apple has launched the new MagSafe wireless chargers.

But what’s more exciting is that this feature paves the way for Apple to give up the Lightning charging port on iPhone phones, and rumors have already been circulating about Apple’s work on it in the upcoming iPhone 13 where it will come without ports.

But new leaks confirmed last week that Apple will offer at least one iPhone without outlets in the iPhone 13 series, where the famous leaker Jon Prosser said: “Not all iPhone 13 phones will come next year without outlets, but only one phone from the series will come without any outlets, and rely on MagSafe wireless charging for wireless charging.”

Apple MagSafeDuo

Indeed, if Apple abandons the charging port on one of the upcoming iPhone 13 phones, it will help it achieve the following:

  • Offer slimmer iPhone phones.
  • Save more space in the design of the phone for other things, such as: a larger screen, a larger battery, and this will help Apple overcome the problem of not offering a folding phone yet.
  • Better water resistance in upcoming iPhone phones.
  • Increase in sales of new MagSafe wireless chargers.

Apple is expected to achieve great success in this step as well, as happened when it abandoned the speaker port, given the positive reception of the introduction of magSafe feature in the iPhone 12 series.

Apple MagSafe

But the biggest problem Apple has to solve is: increased charging speeds in MagSafe chargers, as Apple’s new wireless charging capacity is only 15 watts, so charging the phone on the go would be a frustrating experience if Apple didn’t increase charging capacity.

The next iPhone, which has no ports, is also expected to be the largest in the series, as pro Max usually has the largest battery, the largest screen, so Apple can take advantage of the location of the Lightning port that you will remove to deliver a larger battery, and a larger screen.

The leaks also indicate that the phone screen will support an update rate of up to 120 Hz, and Apple will work to reduce the size of the Notch bump at the top of the screen, featuring the front camera and facial recognition sensors, offering a built-in fingerprint sensor built into the screen, as well as offering more options than internal storage capacity.

As usual, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will come with some improvements in the camera that distinguish it from any other iPhone, as Apple always maintains the most important improvements for the biggest phones of the series, and this will convince iPhone fans to give up the cord charge and content with wireless charging.

If Apple can convince its huge customer base of new changes and abandon wireless chargers, it will be able to increase sales of the upcoming iPhone 13 and Magsafe wireless chargers, and then dramatically increase its profits.

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