Why should you buy the new MacBook Air over the Pro?

If you are ready to buy one of the new Mac computers from Apple that works with the new M1 processor, you have two computers to choose from, namely: (MacBook Pro)with a 13-inch price starting at $ 1,299, or (MacBook Air) with a size 13-inch is $ 999.

While both computers work with the new M1 processor, which is the most powerful chip Apple has ever made, there are some noticeable differences between the two computers, but they are not enough to justify the big price difference between them.

Why should you buy the new MacBook Air over the Pro?

the design:

The new MacBook Air comes with a more elegant design and lighter weight than the MacBook Pro model, weighing 2.8 pounds and a thickness of 0.16 inches to 0.63 inches, while the weight of the new MacBook Pro model is 3 pounds and is 0.61 inches thick, although the MacBook Pro has a Touch screen Bar, which can be useful for shortcuts but is not a feature that can be prominent.

the performance:

The new MacBook Air has the same M1 chip found in the MacBook Pro computer, meaning you get the same four high-power cores with 4 other highly efficient cores to balance heavy workloads with tasks.

While the MacBook Air has a 7-core GPU, the MacBook Pro raises the competition slightly as it includes 8 cores, however this does not seem like a big difference to many users.

We find that the other specifications are quite similar, as both computers start with 8 GB of RAM with the option of 16 GB, and the storage capacity of both is 256 GB with the option to expand it to 2 TB.

Screen and Speakers:

The MacBook Pro has a clear advantage when it comes to the screen, as it comes with a brightness of 500 nits / square meter, while the MacBook Air computer has a brightness of 400 nits / square meter, but supports the wide color gamut P3 feature, and both computers have support technology (True Tone).

If you really care about sound quality, the MacBook Pro features stereo speakers with high dynamic range and wide stereo sound with support for Dolby Atmos. Plus, you get three stereo-quality mics.

While the MacBook Air also contains stereo speakers and three microphones, it does not offer the same sound quality as the MacBook Pro.

Battery life:

Perhaps this is the most prominent difference between the two computers, as the MacBook Air computer has a battery life of 18 hours when streaming video and 15 hours when browsing the web, compared to 20 and 17 hours in a MacBook Pro computer.

So why should you buy a MacBook Air over the Pro?

So far, it is not known how well the new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro computer will handle the applications that support the old Intel chips so far, but based on the specifications and features, it can be said that buying a MacBook Air is more than suitable for you, as you will get a thinner and lighter computer With the same performance for a much lower price.

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