Why doesn’t the PlayStation 5 have a built-in web browser?

Unlike the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gaming platforms, the new PlayStation 5 gaming platform does not contain a built-in web browser, although it is possible that you will not use the built-in web browser to do some activities, such as browsing websites or checking your Facebook account. However, you may need it in some cases.

You can use it to do some other activities; Such as: watching YouTube videos on a large TV screen or broadcasting content from applications supported by the gaming platform, but now users of the new PS5 gaming platform will not have a built-in web browser, and the reason is that Sony decided that it is not necessary to integrate a web browser into the gaming platform El Jadida, is she right about that?

According to a recent interview conducted by AV Watch, a Sony official stated: “We have doubts that a web browser is necessary for the console as an app, so we will have to wait and see.” He also added: “There are no plans to include a web browser in the PS5 console at this time. “.

This indicates that it is possible that Sony may have based the decision not to include a web browser in the PS5 game platform on the fact that players did not use the browser much in the previous models of gaming platforms, in addition, the new gaming platform will not support a resolution of 1440 pixels, in While it will support 1080p, 4k, and 8K resolutions, this indicates that the company is focusing more on support for TVs, indicating that there is no technical reason to include a web browser in the platform.

Finally, if you are one of the players eager to try everything new, you may be among the waiting to buy the PlayStation 5 gaming platform that Sony will launch today, but before you spend hundreds of dollars on this new gaming platform, you can check out an article: 5 Things You Should Consider them before purchasing a PlayStation 5 before making a purchase.

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