What is PlayStation Network?

If you own a PlayStation game platform from Sony, you have probably heard of the term PlayStation Network, which stands for PSN, but what is PSN, what it does, what services it provides and what should it be You know about her as a player?

Here’s everything you need to know about Sony’s PlayStation Network service:

What is PlayStation Network:

It is a service that allows anyone with a PlayStation account to access various services for their gaming systems, including: adding friends and enjoying games on the PlayStation platform, or via other connected devices, and buying digital games from the PlayStation Store, among others, and the service also uses all PlayStation features Online, such as: group chat, remote play, and play sharing.

Sony launched the PlayStation Network service for the first time in November 2006, coinciding with the launch of the PlayStation 3 gaming platform, and has expanded over time to support the PS4 and PlayStation Vita gaming platform, and will work with PlayStation 5 as well.

And anyone can create a PSN account for free, and when you do, you will create a PSN ID, which identifies you on the network, and other players will see your PSN ID when they play with you, and starting with the PS4 model you can also share your real name in your account with specific friends.

It is worth noting that the service suffered from a major security breach in April 2011, as hackers obtained personal data from about 77 million users of the service, in response to this Sony shut down the PSN service for about a month, and after it fixed the flaw, Sony granted all affected users Free PlayStation Plus subscription and a number of free games.

What are the most prominent services included in the service:

1- PlayStation Plus:

It is a paid subscription service that has many benefits, and most importantly, it is necessary if you want to play online with other players on the PS4 and PS5 console, while the PS3 platform provides free online play, in addition to that, the service gives you free games every A month, they can be kept and played as long as you’re subscribed, with other features like: discounts on purchase, automatic system updates, and cloud storage to save games.

2- PlayStation Store:

It is Sony’s digital store for games and add-ons, and you can access it through your gaming console or via the platform’s web browser, where you can buy games and download them directly to your console instead of having to insert a DVD, and anyone with a PSN account can Getting to the store.

3- PlayStation Now:

It is the official game streaming service from Sony, which is available with a separate subscription, and allows you to play a selection of PS4, PS3 and PS2 games or a PC running Windows, and since you are broadcasting games, you will not have to download anything to your system.

4- PlayStation Trophies:

It is a service to give you virtual prizes when you achieve various goals while playing on the PlayStation platform, such as: successfully completing a level or collecting many items within the game, and the virtual prizes come in the form of bronze, silver, gold and platinum cups that appear in your profile, knowing that these prizes They are bragging to your friends, not real prizes.

5- PlayStation Music:

The service allows you to enjoy streaming music content from Spotify on the PS4 console. You can open the app to listen to music on the TV screen or use the quick menu to listen while playing if you don’t like the music included in the game.

6- PlayStation Video:

It is a digital video service similar to iTunes, Google TV, or Amazon Prime Video where you can rent or purchase movies and TV shows to watch them on your console or smartphone.

7- PlayStation App:

Sony provides a free (PlayStation App) application for the Android and iOS operating systems, which allows you to access your account and use some features through your smartphone, where you can customize your account, and shop on the PlayStation Store.

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