What feature does the Xbox Series X out of the PS5 stand out?

The two games platforms (PlayStation 5) from Sony and (Xbox Series X) from Microsoft are among the best video game platforms so far, as each comes with many new features: such as downloading games at high speeds, providing Smooth 4K frame rate, make old games run better.

Although the new Sony PS5 gaming platform contains many exclusive features that make it significantly different from the old console models, it misses one of the most amazing things we find in the Xbox Series X.

Here’s what feature Xbox Series X outperforms the PS5?

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both contain a feature called (Quick Resume). When you switch from one game to another, the Xbox Series X saves the current game state, and then when you want to resume running the game you are switching to, The platform will download the game from where you left off quickly and easily.

This feature allows you to switch smoothly between the games you play on the platform without having to restart each game from the beginning every time you want to switch, as this feature is a great development and is very welcome for players who play many different games simultaneously.

In contrast, the PlayStation 5 gaming platform does not yet have this feature, instead the game console interface contains an easy-to-use Switcher tab that allows you to browse and download the latest used games and applications, but once you switch to a new game, the platform will run it from the beginning.

Although this matter may not have a significant impact, especially with the PlayStation 5’s ability to load games very quickly, it will greatly affect the ability to resume playing from where you stopped when you switch, especially since the platform does not warn you that it will be closed Your current game when opening a new game, which may result in losing some progress in the current game if you are a player who does not save their progress in the games continuously.

Although the PlayStation 5 gaming platform has many features not found in the Xbox Series X gaming platform, such as: an innovative DualSense controller that offers a new level of haptic feedback not found in any console before, and other great features, but the Quick feature Resume in Xbox Series X is a useful upgrade for people who are switching between a lot of games at once.

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