What do new privacy stickers mean in iPhone apps and where do you find them?

During this month, Apple launched new (privacy stickers) for iPhone applications in its store to provide more transparency about data collection from iOS applications, which is a new section that appears on the page of each application listed on the App Store that includes a summary published by the developer of the privacy practices related to the application, It is now available to all owners of iPhones running the latest version of iOS 14.

You find the indication that Apple announced the privacy stickers for the first time during its annual developer event (WWDC 2020) that it held last June, with the aim of providing a way to better inform the user about the privacy practices related to the application that they will install in their smartphone.

What do privacy stickers mean in iPhone apps:

In general, it is among Apple’s requirements for application developers that must be provided in the application to inform the user about the type of information that the application collects, as it includes many important categories that the application developer must take into account before publishing his application in the App Store, such as: the types of data that It collects, how it is used, user related data, tracking controls, and privacy links.

“Each developer must provide information about the privacy practices of their application, including the practices of external partners who incorporate their code into their applications, because this information is required to send application updates and new applications to the App Store,” Apple said in its publication to developers.

The company adds in the publication itself: “This will allow users to identify some types of data that the application may collect, and whether this data is related to them or used to track them or not.”

What data are included in the privacy stickers?

So far, the user can see three different categories of data when installing each app, and they are:

1- data used to track you:

Basically, this category allows you to know the data that is collected about you that can be used to track you online, and it is also used to target you with personalized ads, and you can also within this category know whether the application shares device data or your data with external companies or not.

2- Data related to you:

It includes more personal information, such as: name, age, gender, address, location, search and browsing history, and other personal data, which you usually provide when creating a new account in the application.

3- Data not related to you:

It is a set of general data that is collected when you use the phone, but it cannot be linked to you, and this may include general information, such as: the use of phone data or any other activity, which is not necessarily related to what you do in the application but is collected in any case.

app store app privacy
app store app privacy

Where to find this information in iPhone apps before installing them:

You will find privacy stickers included on the page of each app on the App Store in a new section called App privacy, and this section will appear under the (Ratings and Reviews) section.

According to Apple, privacy labels should remain updated and accurate with each new app update, and these rules apply to third-party iPhone apps and native Apple apps as well.

Apple says the new stickers will be required for apps across all of its operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Each app within the app store will have a privacy sticker viewable across the web as well, and all Apple apps will have the same stickers available across product pages within the app store. Apple says it provides the privacy label information over the web in case the app does not own the product page in the app store. Because it cannot be removed.

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