Web Inventor Releases Enterprise Privacy Platform

(Tim Berners-Lee), an English computer scientist known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, revealed that his latest startup has launched a corporate privacy platform.

The new privacy platform allows large enterprises and governments to create applications that allow users to control their data.

The UK’s National Health Service, the BBC, NatWest Bank and the Flanders government are among the first users of the corporate privacy platform.

Inrupt, which was founded by (Berners Lee) and CEO (John Bruce) John Bruce in 2018, aims to develop technology that gives people control over their data, allowing them to choose where their data is stored and who has access to it.

The startup announced that it had launched an institutional version of its open source platform called Solid, and the Solid platform was designed in cooperation with scientists at MIT.

The platform allows users to create online stores of personal data, or Pods, and they can then share it with external applications if they wish.

Bruce explained in a blog post that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) was using the platform to allow patients to store their personal medical data in an online repository of personal data, in addition to data from health apps via their phones or other devices.

The enterprise version consists of Solid Server to manage online stores of personal data, and developers can create applications using the SDK to take advantage of online stores of personal data, and access the data they need to do a specific job, such as: paying taxes or interacting with a healthcare provider.

Bruce notes that the Enterprise version is fully compatible with the open-source Solid project specification.

Berners-Lee, Inrupt’s chief technology officer, claimed the platform provides ground-breaking new opportunities that restore confidence in data and boost our lives as well.

(Berners-Lee) invented the World Wide Web in 1989, and he always believed that the Web should be free and open, but he became increasingly concerned that today’s digital giants were exploiting citizens around the world.

(Berners-Lee) wrote in 2018: The Internet has evolved into an engine of injustice and division, influenced by the forces it uses for its own agendas, and I believe that today we have reached a critical turning point, and that strong change for the better is possible and necessary.

(Berners-Lee) added that the Solid platform changes the existing paradigm, as users have to hand over personal data to the digital giants in exchange for an perceived value.

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