Warning users of Google Drive not to delete their files

Last Wednesday, Google announced an update to the storage policies through the Google account. This update includes Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google Photos service, but most sites and news focused only on the changes that will occur in the Google Photos service while ignoring Some other important changes.

Google announced the termination of the unlimited free backup feature in the Google Photos service, as it will count any new image or video that you download with high quality in the service within the free storage space available to you in your Google account of 15 GB or any I bought additional storage space as a member of (Google One), as of June 1.

Emails and attachments in Gmail, including: (Spam) and (Trash) folder, and all files saved in Google Drive – including: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, forms, Jamboard files and PDFs – will be counted within this storage space available to you.

But most importantly, Google announced a new policy for inactive accounts or those that exceeded their storage capacity through Gmail, Google Drive, and the image service, stating the following:

  • If your account has been inactive in one or more of these services for two years (24 months), Google will delete the content in the service after this period has passed.
  • If you exceed your storage limit for two years or more, and you do not delete anything or buy additional storage, Google will delete all the content saved in its products that you have used.

Will Google contact you before removing the content from the service?

Yes; When you stop using any Google service for two years, Google will send you an email notification and notifications within the service itself, as it will contact you for a period of at least three months before you permanently delete the content. This gives you the opportunity to avoid deletion by activating your account on the service again, or downloading content from the service before deleting it.

Important note: You must activate your account in each of the Google services separately, for example: If you have been inactive for two years in the (Google Photos) service but are still active in Gmail and Google Drive, Google will delete the content saved in the (Google Photos) service. Only, but the content on other services will remain the same if your account is active in them.

How to keep your account active for every service you use:

Google says: “The simplest way to keep your account active is to log into your account on Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Photos through the web or the mobile application periodically.”

It’s worth noting that you may have multiple accounts set up in your device, so all of them must be activated, because activity is considered by account, not by device. So make sure that you use the services for all accounts that you want to keep active periodically.

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