Vivo officially unveils the OriginOS interface

Vivo has officially unveiled the latest OriginOS interface from the company, which is based on the latest Android 11 from Google. This new interface focuses on reimagining widgets, advanced gestures, and memory management, as well as a healthy dose of visual flair.

Let’s start with widgets. It is inspired by Huarong Road, which is a kind of sliding puzzle of different sizes. The home screen can be easily rearranged even if there are widgets of mismatched sizes.

In its simplest form, widgets change their appearance to convey information, such as the sun or rain cloud for a weather app, reposition the message bubbles for an SMS app, and so on. Clicking the widget expands it to reveal additional information and controls. Nano alerts | Nano Alerts ”is an interesting idea, as it displays notifications from an app inside its widget.

Vivo says there are 26 gesture groups that start with a tap at the bottom of the screen. There is also a SuperCard, which can be called up from everywhere even when the screen is off to make quick and easy payments via a smartphone.


OriginOS ROM will also come with Multi-Turbo 5.0, a suite of technologies aimed at improving memory. Memory Fusion seems to be the most prominent feature of it, as it adds 3 GB of additional RAM by converting data to storage. The second feature is improved memory usage so that the app needs less RAM to start. Finally, app preloading speeds up the app opening process by guessing which app to open next and preparing the necessary data.

For visual flair, Vivo has created wallpapers that simulate complex movements, like the swing of each flower petal. The wallpaper can also match the weather outside by drawing an accurate representation of the clouds, wind speed, and weather conditions in your area.

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