Upcoming Pixel devices are under Google Photos terms

Google has confirmed that future Google Pixel devices will not have free backups via Google Photos, with the usual high-quality option offered by current Pixel phones.

The company has stated that all Google Pixel units now sold are exempt from the changes, so that the terms of unlimited storage will not be applied to them on June 1, 2021.

This means that current Google Pixel devices are the last to come with unlimited high-quality free downloads under Google Photos.

Although there isn’t much information at the moment regarding the next batch of Google Pixel devices, it sure misses a big advantage.

Google Pixel phones are known for their cameras, so owners will likely own them in part because they plan to capture as many photos as possible, knowing that they will be able to keep them all.

And with the unlimited backup of these photos disappearing to the Google Photos service, the Pixel camera could become a less important selling point for the lineup.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Google reduces the features of Google Pixel devices, as one of the selling points of these devices is the feature of storing images in original quality for free, without the pressure that Google Photos applies to most downloads in order to provide free storage space.

In June, users must either start paying for their Google One storage plans after they reach the 15GB limit for free accounts, or save the photos to another service.

Google launched the service in 2015 with the unlimited backup feature in low quality, but good enough for most users.

The company said in a blog: The growing demand for storage means that Google Photos can no longer respect the old policy of unlimited capacity for high-quality photos.

He added: There will be a maximum storage limit for photos, with files in Google Docs editors, for a total of 15 GB.

Only images of original quality, or high-resolution copies, were previously counted against the maximum.

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