Athletics joins sports authorities in banning athletes from Russia and Belarus

 Athletics has joined sports authorities in banning the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes, according to urgent news broadcast by Sky News a short time ago.

Earlier, the Russian army continued its advance on Ukrainian territory, towards the capital, Kyiv, for the sixth day in a row, after it managed, on Tuesday, to control the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine near the Crimea, at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin set 5 demands in exchange for a ceasefire. Fire, led by respect for Russian security considerations.

In conjunction with the successive international sanctions against Russia in response to the military operation announced by Moscow “in defense of the people of the Donbass region”, the Russian army continued its movement to control Ukraine through several axes, including from Crimea.

The mayor of Kherson, Igor Kulekhaev, asked the city’s 280,000 residents not to leave their homes, saying: I am responsible for your life..the most important value that this city has is your life. This is not a battle, this is a war.”




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