UEFA threatens Spartak Moscow with exclusion from the Euroleague due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

 The European Football Association (UEFA) is considering excluding Spartak Moscow from the European League due to the Russian war on Ukraine.

According to the German newspaper “Bild”, UEFA plans to exclude the Russian team Spartak Moscow from the Euroleague this season, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian military operations, which were announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukrainian soil, have been ongoing since last Thursday, as they entered their fifth consecutive day on Monday, with the attempts of the UN Security Council to calm the situation and cease fire operations.

It is expected that Spartak Moscow will face its German counterpart Leipzig on March 10 and 17 in the two rounds, but UEFA’s decision to study the exclusion of the Russian team will make the German team qualify directly for the quarter-finals.

The European Union may come out in an official statement in the coming hours to clarify some special matters related to the Russian clubs and the Russian national team participating in the European supplement for the World Cup qualifiers, after Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic refused to confront it.

The European Union decided on Sunday that it would no longer allow Russia to play international matches on its soil, but only on neutral territory.



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