You may forget a match and you cannot remember its events, and you may forget players with their eyes and do not remember their names when one of your friends reminds you of them, but it is very difficult to forget the wonderful goals scored by the stars of the round witch, whose names are immortalized in the football records, and have remained stuck to this day in everyone’s mind. 

“Today’s Goal” is a daily report in which we will present to you a group of the most beautiful football goals scored by the game’s top stars. 

Today’s goal for the famous Algerian star Rabah Madjer with the Portuguese team Porto, who qualified for the final of the European Champions League in 1987, to find himself in a strong confrontation against the German giant Bayern Munich, the title holder 3 times at the time, but the Portuguese champion made a historic match. 

Bayern Munich was ahead from the 25th minute through Ludwig Kugel, and the result remained this way until the 77th minute, before Mager scored his famous historic goal with the heel of the foot, to be one of the most beautiful goals of the Champions League. 

This goal had a significant impact on Porto’s crowning the title, as Jawari scored the second goal for the Portuguese team after only 3 minutes, to turn the tables on Bayern, and Mager became the first Arab player in history to win the Champions League.

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