The Russian Football Federation has rejected the decisions issued by the International Federations “FIFA” and the European “UEFA” to suspend all matches of all Russian teams and teams in continental and international tournaments.

The Russian Federation confirmed, in an official statement issued today, Monday, that it would appeal the decision of FIFA and UEFA to suspend the football activity of Russian teams and teams.

The text of the statement issued by the Russian Football Federation read as follows: “On the decision of FIFA and UEFA to exclude Russian national teams from international competitions.” 

“The Russian Football Federation categorically does not agree with the decision of FIFA and UEFA to suspend the participation of all Russian teams in international matches indefinitely,” the statement added. 

The statement stressed: “We believe that this decision is against the rules and principles of international competition as well as with the spirit of sportsmanship. It is of a clearly discriminatory character and harms a large number of athletes, coaches, staff of clubs and national teams, and most importantly, millions of Russian and foreign fans, whose interests must protect organizations international sports first. 

“Such actions divide the global sports community, which has always adhered to the principles of equality, mutual respect and independence from politics,” he said. 

The statement concluded: “We reserve the right to appeal the decision of FIFA and UEFA in accordance with international sports law.” 

The International Football Association “FIFA”, announced on Monday evening, the official suspension of the participation of the Russian national team and Russian clubs from the FIFA competition, as well as the European Union for the game “UEFA”, against the background of the Russian wars against Ukraine. 

FIFA issued an official statement saying, “Following the preliminary decisions adopted by the FIFA Council and the UEFA Executive Committee, which provided for additional measures, FIFA and UEFA today jointly decided that all Russian teams, whether national teams or clubs, will be suspended from participating in the tournament. Both FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice. 

The statement added that these decisions were agreed upon by the FIFA Council and the UEFA Executive Committee, explaining, “Football is united and fully in solidarity with all affected in Ukraine. We hope that the situation in Ukraine will improve significantly and quickly so that football will once again become a driving force.” For unity and peace among people. 

Consequently, following these decisions, the Russian national team will be excluded from participating in the deciding phase of the 2022 World Cup.

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