The European Union is considering excluding Russia from the Women’s Euro… and Portugal is the alternative

 English press reports revealed an urgent meeting of the European Union tomorrow to discuss excluding Russia from the Euro Women’s Championship, after England asked to exclude the participating team in the tournament following the Russian war on Ukraine. 

The English newspaper “The Times” reported that “UEFA” is putting the final touches, and it is almost certain that Russia will be excluded from the tournament, and it is also likely that the alternative will be the Portuguese women’s team. 

The Swiss Football Association announced, in an official statement, its refusal to face the Russian national team and all Russian teams until further notice after the war on Ukraine in the past few days.

The President of the Polish Football Association also announced yesterday his country’s refusal to face Russia in the semi-final match of the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup due to the military operation launched by Russia against Ukraine since last Thursday.

Russia has been waging a fierce war against Ukraine since last Thursday, and many European local federations refused to face Russia in sporting arenas, especially in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden, the Russians’ rivals in the second track of the supplement at the end of next March.




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