• The main conclusion in the Barça dressing room is that there is no difference with Bayern and there are already details that have to be polished

FC Barcelona deserved something more at the Allianz Arena against Bayern Munich . They competed well and Xavi Hernández ‘s team had their chances, but the Barça coach left “pissed off” as he admitted at a press conference. The evolution is positive compared to a year ago, but the coaching staff want to win. The staff had 24 hours to cold analyze the game, which they reviewed minute by minute to make a better diagnosis and see where they are. The main conclusion is that there is no difference with Bayern Munich and there are details that have to be polished.

job was missing

Despite the fact that there are experienced players, there are still very young footballers who must gain a job. Barça lacks knowing how to control the tempo of the game when it goes crazy . There were times in Munich when Bayern came out in a rush, with momentum and great display. At that moment, or when the rival begins to generate, you have to be able to sleep the game. Firstly with long possessions, although they are aware that it cannot always be done. You also have to be smart and know when to stop the game, the rhythm of the opponent.

effectiveness in the areas

Barça had their chances, but they lacked the final ‘ punch’ when they had the rival between the ropes. Especially in the first time. In the Barça ‘staff’ they admit that in the Champions League you have to take advantage of the moments because if you don’t, it takes a toll on you.

The general assessment is that the team was good, in line with what Xavi asks for . He generated play, with high pressure that intimidated Bayern and solid defense. It was the game that the coach wanted to play at Allianz but they lacked a point of luck, always necessary, that Bayern did have at key moments, as Sané pointed out . Not only in the first half, already at 2-0, Pedri sent that ball to the post in the 62′ minute that could have changed the sign of the game.

Specific profiles

Xavi put together a very well-analyzed eleven taking into account the rival, something that this season allows him to have a large, compensated and competitive squad, also internally. In defense there was a big doubt on the left side and Christensen ‘s entry surprised . In the lane, the coach did not want to risk Balde . He is going very well in attack but Bayern , as it was, would demand a lot from them in defense and needed a more defensive profile and at the same time with experience in this type of match. In addition, they had to win duels and balls from above and Marcos fulfilled very well in this regard. That is why Danish was also chosen over Eric .Christensen has always been at a good level and is better in the air. And then, in attack, Ferran Torres entered before Ansu Fati , something that surprised him but that was also thought. With Mazraoui on the right side, Barça needed to attack the spaces left by the Moroccan and Xavi considers that Ferran does it better than Ansu , who is better inside than the Valencian.

confidence to grow

The coach is delighted with his squad and everyone will have opportunities. The season is very long and you will need different profiles also depending on the rival. In the locker room they are sure that they will grow together individually and collectively.

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