Rodrygo, the hero of the match

“I have no words to explain what happened today. God looked at me and said: ‘Today is your day.’ We were dead and what happened… Then they came to congratulate me, I’m very happy. I think that with this shirt we always learn to fight until the end, we were almost dead but with the first goal we started to believe, it’s happened other times, We’ve come back before. And that’s what happened. Ancelotti is a friend to us, always joking, talking about things outside of football… Liverpool? From now on we’re already thinking, we have other games that will help us prepare for the final My idyll with the Champions League? I give my best version, I hope to continue scoring.”

The Real Madrid players were unleashed in the locker room.

Fede Valverde explains what happened at the Bernabéu

“It’s the spirit and the desire to win. When they score a goal it seems like everything is falling apart, but the fans were a great help to keep fighting until the end. When the goals come you say: ‘We’re going to win. They are very good, Paris, Chelsea, City… The game that I suffered the most was against Chelsea, it was very hard physically. They ran until the last. Today emotionally we were very good”.

What does Toni Kroos want to say with this tweet after the match?

Guardiola talks about City’s defeat

“We had the 0-2 and we didn’t even have to lose time. We had the game controlled… But they have put a lot of people up and have found the goals. They are capable of doing them, their history says it. Congratulations to them, to them, and to Liverpool. We didn’t play in extra time, it was harder to get in. It’s a hard blow, we didn’t play in the first half, and in the second when we were better, the two goals came. Did we deserve more? I don’t know It is what it is. I’m very happy, we haven’t finished yet. The Champions League? We’re here, we’ll see in the future”.

The hug between Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo after the final whistle.

Guardiola talks about City's defeat  "We had the 0-2 and we didn't even have to lose time. We had the game controlled... But they have put a lot of people up and have found the goals. They are capable of doing them, their history says it. Congratulations to them, to them and to Liverpool. We didn't play in extra time, it was harder to get in. It's a hard blow, we didn't play in the first half and in the second when we were better, the two goals came. Did we deserve more? I don't know It is what it is. I'm very happy, we haven't finished yet. The Champions League? We're here, we'll see in the future".  The hug between Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo after the final whistle.

The video that the players have seen before the game

“It was about all the comebacks we’ve done this season, which are eight. One more was missing.”

Ancelotti, with Ricardo Sierra

“The greatness of this club is this. It does not allow you to lower your arms when it seems that everything is over, it gives you the strength to continue, to continue, to believe… And that is what we have done. The match was even and when it seemed that everything was over we looked for the last bit of energy to equalize it. When you are able to equalize the game in the last minutes you have a great psychological advantage. We did well in the first half, we lacked success between the lines, and we forced the long pass. City or PSG? We played the round of 16, quarters and semis against very tough rivals, three candidates to win the competition. It has been a success”.

Butragueño gives his opinion on the match

“The fans have suffered from the team. That magic that only one action by Rodrygo transforms everything and has taken us to the final in Paris. It is a pride to be able to count on these players, with that spirit. They have turned the tie around against a very powerful team. All those who have left have entered the match very well, we don’t like to individualize, but obviously Camavinga, for example, has shown tremendous maturity. Rodrygo has been decisive, the first goal has been very clever and the second a great header. In the end, something happens, but above all else, there is the spirit. We are Real Madrid and this can happen. Liverpool? Today is a night to enjoy, for all Madrid fans. We will have time to think About Liverpool, we have weeks ahead of us.”

Guti, exultant after the white victory

Jose María Gutiérrez, a former Real Madrid footballer, has assured on Twitter that Manchester City “lacks the DNA of Real Madrid”, although he admits that Pep Guardiola’s men are a “great team”.

Real Madrid, in the Champions League final! You can now read Manuel Bruña’s chronicle on our website.

Courtois, at the Movistar+ microphones

“One word: Real Madrid. We kept believing until the end, just before a key save Mendy takes off. We made it 1-1 and they looked dead. In extra time, we tried to defend ourselves well. Facing the goal we were not good, we failed passes, a clear Vini missed… But that goal, that moment… The 1-1 we won’t say screwed up, but they knew that anything could happen. We have eliminated very big teams, who have spent a lot of money to win the Champions League Today it was more about the final minutes and it’s more incredible. We really want to get back to a final. When you get to a final, everyone has a huge desire, it doesn’t matter who has 3 or 4 already”.

Casemiro, after the game

“Incredible. There is no better feeling, it was very difficult to get here. The most beautiful thing is missing, the most important… But you have to enjoy the moment. We have spent two years without the public, a lot of people we have lost, now we have to enjoy ourselves with them. This final is for them, but we know that the most difficult remains. We must congratulate everyone. This is what this club is, the key phrase is: never give up. We must be happy, we have eliminated a great team, to a great coach… ‘My goodness, how they play football. This is for the people!’ Liverpool? It’s complicated, if we lose against Atlético there are already critics… We have to think about the next game, at this club we always have to win and we have to be thinking about Atlético de Madrid”.

“GO FOR THE 14”, reads the shirt worn by the white players. Liverpool, the last hurdle for Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

The Real Madrid footballers continue to celebrate the victory against Manchester City on the pitch, which after Mahrez’s goal in minute 73 saw themselves with a foot and a half in the final.

“So, so, so Madrid wins,” sings the Santiago Bernabéu. Tremendous about this team. Tremendous.


The referee adds 3′ and Pep Guardiola goes crazy on the wing.

Real Madrid, is three minutes from reaching the final in Paris…

Militao leaves, with physical problems, and an exhausted Vinicius.


High pressure from Manchester City, trying to tie the game. Real Madrid defends in a low block, with the only offensive aspiration of hunting down a counter that kills the match.

Less than 15′ to go

There are less than 15 minutes left for the end of extra time, in which Manchester City hastens its options to force, at least, penalty shots.

The match is currently in the second part of extra time, in which Real Madrid have scored the third goal that would give them access, if the match ends like this, to the Champions League final.

The reactions to Real Madrid – City, live

Sooooooo good night and welcome to the live reactions to the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City!

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