• UEFA sells its television rights in the US to CBS, Viacom, and Paramount for 1,500 million, in one of the most lucrative contracts ever.

UEFA reached an agreement with CBS, Viacom, and Paramount for the sale of the television rights to the Champions League and the rest of its competitions in the US, in what is one of the most spectacular sports broadcasting contracts in history. As published by The Athletic and confirmed by KG, the body chaired by Aleksander Ceferin will pocket 1,500 million euros for the six seasons in which its club competitions will be seen in the North American market, the richest commercially and in terms of audiences. CBS confirmed the deal.

The breakdown is 250 million euros per season, that is, it represents an increase of 100 million per course compared to the previous one. The percentage of growth has to do with the expansion of teams in the Champions League from 2025, which will mean that there will be more games and at least one duel against another top seed in the league phase. In addition, for the first time, UEFA extends the duration of the contract from three to six years, which allows him to also secure a large sum for a longer time.

The US market is marked in red for all sports competitions and UEFA also knew that much of its prestige was at stake in such an important place economically. In addition, he is a huge supporter of spirit and confidence in the litigation that he maintains with the Super League. Pending the ruling of the Luxembourg Court that will come at the end of the year, the consolidation of its competitions in the US is a point in its favor as regards the future of its tournaments.

The Champions League has been gaining interest among Americans in recent years. The audience for the final between Madrid and Liverpool was one of the largest ever, and it is considered that the line could be the same and even increase in the coming seasons with the consolidation of a European competition with more teams and more games.

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