Chelsea combines the Champions League and the European League in one season

 You may forget a piece of information and cannot remember its events, and you may forget certain events and not remember what happened at the time, but it is very difficult to forget the exciting information recorded in the history of the round witch, which was immortalized in the football records, and has remained to this day stuck in everyone’s minds .

Chelsea is the only club to have won the European Champions League and the European League at the same time.

Chelsea won the Champions League for the 2011-2012 season in the summer of 2012, and the following year won the European League title on May 15, 2013.

While the Champions League final (2012-2013), which Bayern Munich won over Borussia Dortmund, was held on the 25th of the same month, and thus the London club held the two titles for 10 days.

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