Twitter sets a date to launch its new account verification policy

Twitter announced a few weeks ago that it would re-launch the account verification process early next year, and also announced brand new guidelines for users looking for that little blue badge.

Now, the site said: It will start implementing the renewed policy for verifying accounts on January 20, 2021, nearly three years after the verification process was stopped.

The new policy was improved by input from tens of thousands of user responses after Twitter confirmed on November 25 that it would relaunch verification next year.

Note that the deadline is not a re-acceptance date for official applications, so users will have to wait a little longer if they want to get the blue badge.

Press sources quoted a Twitter spokesperson as saying: Accepting requests will start sometime in early 2021, but January 20 is the date for the new policy to be activated, and the date for the removal of authentication badges from accounts that are inactive, or those that do not meet the new requirements. .

Some of the new changes to Twitter’s verification policy include more lenient requirements for profile information for a user to be eligible for authentication, more accurate and specific categories for obtaining authentication badges, and new guidelines on when a previously verified account loses its blue badge, including So: if it’s inactive, or if Twitter finds it’s in violation of its policies.

The new categories will include government officials – whose accounts Twitter has already been verifying on a case-by-case basis since it temporarily suspended the official process – and companies, brands, and nonprofits. It will also include the media, journalists, public figures, entertainment organizations, accounts related to sports, and a broad category of “activists, organizers and other influential individuals.” Twitter says it intends to expand the list of categories over time.

For users who wish to apply for the verification badge, Twitter will launch a new in-app self-service submission process sometime in early 2021, which will allow applicants to select a category for authentication and confirm their identity. Twitter says: It will use both human review and an automated order review system.

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