Twitter reveals its plan to deal with Trump’s account after the end of the presidential term

US President Donald Trump will lose the privileges he enjoys as a world leader on Twitter, if the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, takes office in an official capacity on January 20.

Thus, Trump’s account will lose the protection of the “public interest”, a policy that Twitter applies to the accounts of country leaders.

The popular social networking site has repeatedly published warning posters on many of President Trump’s tweets since the night of the presidential election, after statements containing unproven accusations.

Before major American media announced Biden’s victory, Trump tweeted, “You won this election by a big margin!” After the announcement, he said in another tweet, “I won the elections and got 71 million legal votes. Bad things happened, our observers were not allowed to see it.”

And both of those tweets got warning stickers from Twitter.

The famous site “The Verge” indicated that President Trump’s account will be subject to the same rules that apply to the account of any other user, including the prohibition of incitement to violence and the spread of false information.

Twitter applies special policies for world leaders and senior officials who have personal accounts on its platform. It leaves the offending content present if there is a “clear public interest value for keeping the tweet present” with a warning sticker placed on it, while ordinary people do not enjoy this feature.

Violation of the rules in regular accounts can lead to temporary restriction, and sometimes the penalty reaches a total ban.

Even so, leaders’ accounts are vulnerable if they publish content promoting terrorism, a direct threat inciting violence, intimate relationship videos, and child sex behavior.

Last May, differences escalated between President Trump on the one hand, and Twitter on the other hand, against the backdrop of the US network restricting a tweet of Trump, which the site said “violates its rules.”

Through the tweet, Trump described the protesters in Minneapolis as “rabble”, as Twitter restricted access to the tweet, so that it could only be accessed by reading the website’s comment that stated, “This tweet violates Twitter’s rules related to glorifying violence, but Twitter decided to keep this tweet available. For what may be in the public interest. “

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