Twitter limits interaction with Trump’s election tweets

On Saturday morning, the Twitter platform briefly banned users from liking and responding to a series of tweets posted by (Donald Trump) challenging the results of the presidential election.

Trump’s tweets came in response to the Supreme Court’s rejection of Texas’ bid to overturn Friday’s presidential election results.

Trump called the decision a major miscarriage and a shame of justice, claiming that the people of the United States were deceived and the United States disgraced.

The platform classified many of Trump’s tweets as containing disputed information, and it also limited user interaction.

Some users on the platform noted earlier on Saturday that the ability to like, retweet, or respond to Trump’s tweets was not working.

Twitter quickly reactivated Trump’s tweets, and a spokesperson for the platform said: We unintentionally took the action to limit posts to classified Tweets.

He added: This action has been retracted, and you can now interact with Tweets, but they continue to be categorized in order to provide more context for anyone who may see the Tweet, in line with our civic integrity policy.

Twitter recently added many warnings and labels to the tweets from Trump’s account, including many unfounded allegations about vote fraud in the US elections.

Trump also issued such tweets on Saturday, including one in which he falsely claimed that he had won the elections with an overwhelming majority in the legal votes, and Twitter put a sign on it saying: This allegation about election fraud is in dispute.

The platform first suppressed the president’s tweet – without removing it in the public interest – in May when Trump violated the company’s policy against the glorification of violence.

The social media company said last month that Trump will obey the same Twitter rules as any other user when President-elect (Joe Biden) takes office on January 20.

Twitter allows some rule-breaking tweets issued by world leaders to remain due to the public interest, while such tweets are hidden from political candidates and elected or government officials with a warning placed, and Twitter is taking measures to restrict their access.

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