Trump dismisses responsible for election cybersecurity

President Trump announced the dismissal of the cybersecurity official for the US elections, Christopher Krebs, in a tweet via his official account on the Twitter platform.

Prior to his dismissal, Krebs served as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

In the tweet, Trump said: Cripps – a senior US cybersecurity official – gave an inaccurate statement about the security of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump, who has not yet abdicated to President-elect (Joe Biden), claimed that the election was rife with irregularities and massive fraud.

Twitter added a warning to the president’s tweets indicating that the allegation of election fraud is in dispute.

Cripps was responsible for leading efforts to protect the US election, and he said earlier: There is no evidence that the election was hacked due to foreign interference.

Earlier in his government account, Krebs tweeted that: Regarding allegations that election systems have been tampered with, 59 election security experts agree, and in every case we know of, the allegations were either unsupported by evidence or technically inconsistent.

Krebs effectively disclosed the wrong information about the vote, and denied the wrong conspiracy theory that claims that secret computer systems were complicit in the fraudulent vote of the electorate.

Krebs himself was reportedly expecting to be expelled, according to a Reuters report on 12 November.

On the same day, CISA released a statement signed by members of the Government Coordinating Council for Elections Infrastructure Executive Committee supporting CREPS.

The statement said: There is no evidence that voting in the United States has been compromised in any way, and the statement described the elections as the safest elections in American history.

Trump nominated Krebs for his previous position in June 2018, after he joined the Department of Homeland Security to advise on cybersecurity issues in 2017.

Before joining the Department of Homeland Security, Krebs led Microsoft’s policy on cybersecurity and technology issues, according to his résumé.

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