•  The Tottenham striker is already the sixth scorer in the history of English football and this Saturday he is going for Lampard’s record

Harry Kane looks to continue making history in the Premier League.

Scorers are all over the world. Each team and each league has its own, with its conquests and exploits that will surely remain in the memory. Harry Kane is one of them and in English football his name has already become history.

The Tottenham striker, in last Monday’s landslide victory against Everton by 5-0, scored two goals and reached 176 cries in the Premier League. But that mark is not one more, but it allowed him to overcome nothing more and nothing less than Thierry Henry, the historic Frenchman from Arsenal.

This Saturday against Manchester United he will have the opportunity to continue climbing in that table led by Alan Shearer (260) comfortably. The others who make up the list are Wayne Rooney (208), Andy Cole (187) and Sergio Agüero (184).

His next record to beat is that of Frank Lampard, just Everton coach. The former Chelsea midfielder is fifth and has only one more, 177. Of this list, only Kane is still playing.

Harry Kane and his time in Mexico

In 2009 he played the Chivas Cup with Tottenham’s inferiors and there he began to take his first steps at the international level. So Mexico has something special for Kane. At 16, he finished third with the Spurs.

Back in 2009 with @SpursOfficial U18 in Mexico, Guadalajara. Can you guys find me, @HKane @yuriberchiche @andros_townsend @PaulJoseMpoku @JohnJBostock ect? Copa @chivas U18. Great time to remember. pic.twitter.com/3c0iZm1SBN

— JOAQUIM BATICA (@joaquimbatica) April 26, 2018

His special relationship with the NFL

The Englishman got to the point that his mascots were called Brady and Wilson, referring to the NFL quarterbacks. On more than one occasion he shared images on his social networks that went viral.

My boys Brady and Wilson 🐶🏈 Maybe the Super Bowl match up again!👀 Thank you @NFLUK for the tops! @Patriots @Seahawks pic.twitter.com/7BARA6sWTk

— Harry Kane (@HKane) January 6, 2016

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