You may forget a match and you cannot remember its events, and you may forget players with their eyes and do not remember their names when one of your friends reminds you of them, but it is very difficult to forget the wonderful goals scored by the stars of the round witch, whose names are immortalized in the football records and have remained stuck to this day In everyone’s mind.

“Today’s Goal” is a daily report in which we will present you with a collection of the most beautiful football goals scored by the game’s top stars.

The semi-finals of the European Champions League in 2007 witnessed an exciting event when the Italian team Milan hosted Manchester United in a match that witnessed the presence of many stars in the ranks of the two teams, such as Kaka and Clarence Seedorf in Milan and Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney in United.

United advanced in this match through Ronaldo, but Kaka scored the equalizer, before scoring his famous legendary second goal, which has remained to this day one of the most beautiful goals in the Champions League, as he passed the ball wonderfully from Darren Fletcher, and deceived the duo Gabriel Heinz and Patrice Evra, with a magical header, made the players collide with each other, while the ball flew in front of the Brazilian star, who shot it easily past Edwin van der Sar.

Although Rooney then scored two goals for United, and the match ended with the Red Devils winning 3/2, Milan won the second leg at Saint-Cyr with a score of 3-0, and qualified for the final match, before winning the title at the expense of Liverpool.

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