The world’s first 5G messaging platform unveiled

At the China Mobile Global Partner Conference, on November 19, ZTE demonstrated the world’s first 5G messaging platform jointly created with China Mobile.

China Mobile Internet Co revealed that even non-5G mobile phone users will be able to use 5G messaging and SMS apps in the future.

5G is not only the highlight of this conference, but it is also the basis of many solid technologies.

On the same day, ZTE presented that comfortable and smart 5G messaging, secure, and non-free multimedia presentations.

Currently, it has launched comprehensive cooperation with the three main local operators and fully assists the operators in building 5G messaging platforms.

According to reports, 5G Messaging is a rich media messaging service that relies on cell phone numbers, SIM card security authentication, and real name system.

Lightweight and card-based industry news has realized through new technologies. Users can complete search for service and service through a 5G messaging gateway.

Comprehensive business experience such as online discovery and consulting, product purchase and online payment.

5G messages support text, images, videos, icons, location, search, contacts, and other content, as well as online and offline messaging.

In the personal messaging interaction, it also includes point-to-point messages, group messages, and group chat messages.

It is reported that mobile phones from Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other brands have successively passed the corresponding 5G news functional tests.

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