The smart kitchen robot comes at an incredible price

British robotics company Moley Robotics has unveiled the world’s first kitchen robot, which promises to cook and clean without complaint.

The kitchen robot, the brainchild of Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik, promises to prepare meals served in the restaurant without its owner having to intervene or order takeaway.

However, the robot is not cheap, at least $ 334,000, which is roughly the same as a typical home in the UK.

Ulinik acknowledged the price increase, but claimed that the company has more than 1,000 potential buyers interested in purchasing a kitchen robot, and there is great interest from hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

He said: The price is equivalent to the price of a supercar or a small yacht, and the company hopes to offer models at lower prices in the future.

Moley Robotics is now available for purchase in the UK and Europe, with the US becoming available soon thereafter.

What you see here is the world’s premier kitchen robot for the consumer, and like all advanced technologies, it attracts enthusiasts, professionals and early adopters, and is priced accordingly, Oleink added while launching the automated kitchen at GITEX in Dubai.

Oleinik expects the price to drop significantly over time as production volumes and efficiencies increase.

The robot was developed with the help of Tim Anderson, the 2011 series winner from BBC MasterChef, and Anderson’s cooking techniques were 3D captured and digitized into motion using proprietary algorithms.

Anderson and fellow chefs created 30 dishes to showcase the robot’s capabilities at launch, with a host of new recipes added every month.

The company said: Customers can choose from a digital menu that includes more than 5,000 options, as well as an option to register their favorite dishes.

The robot features two robotic arms developed by German robot company Schunk that reliably reproduce the movements of human hands.

The two arms allow the robot to fetch ingredients from the smart fridge, set the oven temperature, use the sink to fill pans, pour, mix and place food in a plate ready to serve, just like a human cook does.

You don’t have to worry about how much mess a mechanical cook can make, Olinik said: The robot cleans on its own without complaint.

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