The most prominent PS 5 problems and how to solve them

As with any new device, Sony’s PlayStation 5 gaming platform has witnessed many problems that players have begun to share with others, such as: endless download errors, and Sony has begun studying these problems to issue corrections to them as soon as possible. Available time.

But until then, here are some of the problems you might encounter with your PS5 and how you can solve them:

1- Rest Mode Setting Problems:

Some users have reported that booting the game console (PlayStation 5) from the Rest Mode setting causes some problems, with some claiming that the error occurs on the PS5 when launching Rest Mode directly from within the game directly, while others say that it happened simply when running The platform is generally like this as the error caused the PS5 to crash sometimes multiple times and the platform sometimes showed a note that the system needs to repair your hard drive.

While others reported that the system is having problems exiting rest mode while connecting an external drive, if you encounter this issue the best solution is to avoid using an external drive for the time being.

Most users also reported that the procedure to restart the (PlayStation 5) platform has solved the problem, knowing that Sony has not yet issued an official statement showing the correct solution to this problem, however it is possible to avoid running this mode in the platform now through Next steps:

– Go (Settings) in the screen.
– Click on the (System) option, then choose (Power Saving).
– Enable (Don’t Put in Rest Mode),
– You can also turn off the platform manually each time by pressing the Turn Off button on the platform.

2- DualSense controller charging problem:

Some users have complained about problems charging the DualSense controller while the (PlayStation 5) platform is in rest mode. To solve this problem, make sure to activate the option to charge the controllers while the platform is in rest mode through the Power Saving settings.

If the problem does not solve the problem, you can try to connect the supplied USB-A power cable to one of the back ports of the PlayStation 5 platform. Some users also mentioned that the problem can be solved by using the USB-C to USB-C cable on the front of the console.

If neither of the previous two methods worked, then you have no other solution than waiting for a patch to release this issue from the company. Meanwhile, you can try charging your DualSense controller while the console is running or you can connect it to the charger via a wall outlet or DualSense charging unit. Sold separately.

3- data transfer problem:

Some users trying to transfer data between (PlayStation 4) and (PlayStation 5) gaming platforms have reported problems while performing this process, to solve this problem, avoid connecting the PS4 and PS5 games via a USB or LAN cable during the transfer process, instead Do this over a Wi-Fi connection.

4- Games update problem:

After connecting the gaming platform (PlayStation 5) to the Internet and logging in with a PSN account, it is possible that the platform has some updates to download, but many users have received error messages during updates or put the games in the queue for download indefinitely, to solve this problem You have to factory reset the platform, through the following steps:

– Go to (Settings), then choose the (System) option.
– Click on the option (System Program) System Software.
– Click on the option (Reset Options), then choose (Reset your console) Reset Your Console.
– Click on the option (Reset) Reset.

If you’d rather not, Sony is clearly aware of the bug and will likely release a fix for it soon, so you can always wait for a new OS update to be available.

Note: If an error occurs and causes the gaming console to stop working completely, you should contact Sony’s support service to find out whether your console is eligible for repair or if the support team has any fixes to the problem, and you can also visit the company’s blog and social media accounts to find out All new about PlayStation 5 problems and fixes.

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