The most prominent missing features in Windows 11

Microsoft has announced the release of the new operating system Windows 11, which is expected to be available during the upcoming holiday season.

As always with any kind of major update, some apps and features are completely removed or stopped updated.

Given that this system is a new major release, Microsoft has discontinued a lot of popular features and applications.

Below are the most prominent features and applications that are removed or stopped updating in the new version.

Cortana voice assistant

The most popular feature removed is the Cortana voice assistant, which is removed from the taskbar. The voice assistant now exists as an app that you must search for in the Microsoft Store and install if you ever want to use it again.

Tablet Mode in Windows 11

Tablet mode will not be included in Windows 11 due to Microsoft’s inclusion of automatic adaptability for tablets and touch devices.

The company has significantly improved the touch screen experience with the new version. In addition, the operating system is automatically adjusted when you connect a keyboard to your tablet.

original apps

Microsoft is removing Skype, OneNote, Paint 3D and 3D Viewer from the new operating system.

However, you can download and install it from the Microsoft Store. Skype is replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Internet Explorer in Windows 11

Microsoft announced that it is getting rid of the release of the popular web browser Internet Explorer in June of 2022. Therefore, the company will not include it within the new operating system. There is a feature called IE Mode in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Quick access to apps

You can choose the apps in the current version, such as the News app, to access them directly via the lock screen. But in Windows 11, Microsoft has discontinued this feature, and you will no longer see it on the lock screen.

Microsoft replaces most of the removed features with improved alternatives or improves their integration into the new operating system.

However, the company does allow you to download and install some apps – which were removed from the Windows 11 version – via the Microsoft Store if you wish.

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