The most prominent changes coming to the Microsoft Store

Within the event of announcing the new operating system Windows 11, Microsoft talked about its plans regarding the App Store.

The company explained that the store is updated independently of the operating system version. It will be available to all existing Windows 10 and Windows 11 users starting in October.

New store design

Microsoft is completely updating the store’s design while continuing to make it a place to get apps, entertainment, and games.

It allows developers to include 32- and 64-bit applications and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). In addition, Microsoft plans to bring its popular applications, such as Office and other applications to the store.

For developers, the biggest and most notable change is the revenue sharing model. Developers who use Microsoft’s commerce platform continue to receive 85 percent of revenue.

Microsoft gets the remaining 15 percent. Revenue from computer games is divided by 88 percent for the developer and 12 percent for the company as of August 1.

Non-game app developers who use third-party commercial platforms within their apps are allowed to retain 100 percent of revenue.

Developers can now host their apps and updates via their own content delivery networks.

Android apps in the Microsoft Store

Android apps are available through the Amazon store, especially productivity apps. This is based on repeated requests from Windows users.

Android applications can run via a technology called Intel Bridge Technology, which is a compiler that allows applications to run locally across x86-based devices.

The new, redesigned Microsoft Store will be available for Windows 10 or Windows 11 users.

Users receive a notification telling them that the upgrade has been tested and validated for their computer before they receive the free upgrade. Or, users can also use the Windows Update tool to check if it’s ready.

Microsoft hopes to bring Android apps to its store in order to entice app developers to make their apps available in the store so as to generate more financial revenue.

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