The most important PlayStation 5 games of 2021

Although the PlayStation 5 platform did not complete its first year, it has an exclusive collection of games, and PlayStation 5 games are distinguished by their high quality because Sony‘s internal studios are often working on developing them.

The best PlayStation 5 games are now available

Astro’s Playroom

You will find this game pre-installed on your device, because it is a game to experience the features and capabilities of the PlayStation 5 platform.

The game offers a very simple story that takes you on a journey through a bunch of different worlds in a platformer style.

The game aims mainly to showcase the features of the PlayStation 5 controller, and it is a game suitable for all family members, whatever their age.

Demon’s Souls game

Demon’s Souls is the first game of the Dark Souls family, as it was released in 2009 by popular series developer Mizaki.

The game didn’t get much success in its original version, so the Blue Point team made this graphically improved version of the game.

The game uses the same challenging and complex gameplay of the Dark Souls series, so we recommend it to fans of the series.

The game has been fully upgraded graphically and controls to suit current generation hardware, and is exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Spiderman Miles Morales game

You can see this game as a sequel or separate addition to the game Spider Man that was released on PlayStation 4 and was loved by everyone.

It showcases the PlayStation 5’s graphic capabilities with high efficiency, and is suitable for the whole family.

The game follows the story of Miles Morales, who has similar abilities to Spider-Man, but is younger and therefore less experienced than him.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart . Game

The Ratchet And Clank series has been issued since the early generations of the PlayStation console, and is one of the most famous and exclusive series for the platform.

This game mainly showcases the platform’s capabilities in terms of hardware, graphics, and moving characters between different dimensions.

The game belongs to the category of Platformer games and is suitable for all family members regardless of their age.


This game comes as the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive, it comes from a kind of new studio and Sony is trying to acquire it now.

The game is a sci-fi shooter in a slightly scary world, and it uses the Rouge Like style.

This means that you lose all your weapons and progress points when you die, and then you need to re-collect everything from the beginning.

This game is not for everyone, as it is set in a terrifying alien world.

Resident Evil Village

This game comes as the eighth edition in the much loved Resident Evil series, and it completes what happened in the seventh part.

The game relies heavily on excitement and suspense rather than horror, but it includes survival factors and few resources, so it is considered one of the distinctive experiences of this generation.

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