The most important new features in the web and desktop version of WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application is the most popular messaging application in the world, as it is used by more than two billion people in the world, and a good number of users prefer to use the web version of the application, or the desktop version to read and respond to messages via a larger screen instead of the phone screen Intelligent.

Therefore, WhatsApp is currently keen to introduce more new features in the web and desktop versions of the application, to improve the user experience and increase productivity, as WhatsApp users prefer to rely on these two versions to work instead of having to switch between devices.

What are the new features in the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp?

1- Renewal in posters:

Like most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp supports emojis, GIFs, and stickers. However, the desktop version does not support third-party sticker packs as it does in the smartphone version.

But in the recent update, the desktop version of the application has now officially supports third-party sticker packages, with the ability to synchronize it with the smartphone application until it is available in both, and we find that this feature will bring more users to the desktop version and take it to another level completely. .

2- Dark Mode feature:

The web version of the WhatsApp application also got the “dark mode” feature, whereby all white or bright user interface elements turn completely dark to reduce eye strain, a feature that has been available in the WhatsApp smartphone application for months.

3- Voice and video calls:

WhatsApp is currently testing the audio and video calling feature in the WhatsApp web and desktop versions with a small number of users.

As they have new audio and video call buttons on the top right of the screen, allowing them to make audio and video calls, in addition to that when you receive an audio or video call, a pop-up window will appear for you where you can accept or reject the incoming call.

When the same user makes an audio or video call with one of his contacts, the popup window will also appear for him, but in a smaller size with a button to mute the microphone, another button to activate the camera, in addition to a button to end the call, and a button that displays a special menu.

This feature is one of the most awaited features for laptop and desktop users, as they will now be able to operate the external or built-in webcam to chat with friends using the WhatsApp application without the need to use a smartphone, and desktop users may get this feature early For users of the web based version.

How can you use this feature now?

You must first register in the trial version of the desktop application, update the WhatsApp application in your phone to the latest version, then open the WhatsApp application in your smartphone to scan the QR code on the phone’s camera in the desktop application, which is the method of linking the two, after that, it is assumed You can see new icons for audio and video chats in the top right of the screen in any of your current conversations.

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