The most important features of Wear OS 3.0 from Samsung and Google

Wear OS 3.0 is the first result of the integration between the Google and Samsung smartwatch systems. Samsung has not yet announced the final name of the system, so everyone expects it to be Wear OS 3.0, and the system appeared as a surprise announcement from Google at its conference this year, where it announced the integration of the smartwatch operating system with Samsung’s smartwatch system as well. While the new system has not been fully revealed, Samsung has announced its new interface for the system. Samsung has completely abandoned the Tizen OS that it used with smartwatches in the past. So here are the main features of Wear OS 3.0.

Diversity of applications available

Samsung smartwatches were having issues with app support, as they didn’t have a large library of apps.

So that was the first thing the new system addressed, as Samsung watches now have access to Google’s Wear OS store.

This means access to a larger library of diverse applications that Google develops in cooperation with different companies.

Samsung has confirmed that its upcoming smartwatch will come with full support for the Google Play Store for Watches.

This support is one of the most important features of Wear OS 3.0

Compatibility between phone and watch

Samsung calls the new interface OneUI as well, and this symbolizes greater compatibility between phones and smartwatches.

Samsung has demonstrated new automatic connection methods between the smartwatch and the phone.

Where you install the application on the phone to install a miniature version of it on the smartwatch.

You can later remove the app if you don’t want it to be on your smartwatch.

The watch also uses the same time zones as the phone, which means you can display more than one time zone through it.

interface design application

Samsung showcased its new interface design app, and it works in an easy and simple way that makes everyone able to design the watch face

Samsung has not commented if the app is available to install for regular users or whether it should be subscribed to or purchased.

But the watch interface will not be any problem for users of the new system, because Google Play is full of very professional interfaces that you can install easily.

The new watches will, of course, support the Facer application, which has more than 10 thousand interfaces for smartwatches.

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