The Modern Computing Alliance wants to increase adoption of Chrome OS

A handful of industry heavyweights, including Google, Intel, Dell, Box, Citrix, Imprivata, Okta, RingCentral, Slack, VMware and Zoom, have announced the launch of the Modern Computing Alliance.

The mission of this new alliance is to drive innovation and better integration for the benefit of enterprise customers, feed disparate modern computing platforms, and provide additional options for integrated business solutions.

The coalition’s founding charter is to recognize that computing will be heterogeneous, but dependent on cooperation, complementarity, and coordination.

The mission of the Alliance for Modern Computing is all about helping organizations adopt Chrome OS, even though the word Chrome OS never appears on the alliance’s homepage, and Google’s partners have never mentioned it.

A Google spokesperson said: The alliance’s focus is on driving innovation and interoperability through the Chrome OS ecosystem, increasing options for enterprise customers and helping address some of the major technical challenges facing companies today.

This may explain why Microsoft is not part of the alliance, even though this is the preliminary list of members and others may follow at some point in the future.

The focus of the New Computing Alliance led by Google is to bring modern web applications to the enterprise sector, with an emphasis on performance, security, identity management and productivity.

Writing (John Solomon), Google Vice President for Chrome OS: The technology industry is moving towards an open and heterogeneous ecosystem that allows freedom of choice during merger, and this reality represents a challenge and an opportunity.

According to Chris Walker, General Manager of Intel’s Mobile Client Platforms Group, the new alliance is using Chrome OS to boost innovation in the PC industry.

Alliance members are supposed to meet and form working groups in 2021, and these groups set guidelines for the ecosystem and customer priorities, with new products appearing in the first half of 2021.

For Google, the new alliance could give its Chrome OS a foothold in more areas.

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