The main features and prices of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are expected

Most of the interest at the present time is dependent on the upcoming and new Galaxy S21 lineup, and with Galaxy Buds Pro we believe that interest increases, we offer you the expected next-generation earphones from Samsung.

Now we take an in-depth look at its features from within the Galaxy Wearable app:

To start with, the Buds + will come with active noise cancellation in addition to 3D audio for the supported video content. Buds Pro will also be able to switch ambient mode automatically if they detect your voice while the media volume is down. Where we can also clearly see that one of the menus has a toggle with ANC on the left side and Ambient on the right.

Galaxy Buds Pro from within the Galaxy Wearable app

As for the 3D audio feature, it should also work similarly to Apple’s spatial audio as the AirPods Pro, by adjusting the audio output based on your movement via a built-in gyroscope.

3D audio feature

Find My Earbuds is a great Galaxy Buds Pro feature that works in conjunction with Samsung’s SmartThings app to help you locate Buds + if they are misplaced.

The Galaxy Buds Pro will also get the standard audio profile switches from within the app with options for clear boost, bass boost and treble.

Samsung has included a toggle mode to completely block touch controls on Buds Pro, in addition to the option to customize the touch gesture and hold on each earbud separately.

In another context, we got further confirmation that the TWS headphones will be available alongside the Galaxy S21 series next month and will come bundled with some pre-orders for the upcoming Galaxy flagship (most likely with the Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra). GalaxyClub has informed that the Buds Pro will sell for 229 euros in Europe. Buds + will initially be offered in black, silver and white colors, with more options due to follow later in 2021.

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