The Electronic Frontier Foundation condemns Facebook’s campaign against Apple

The Electronic Frontier Foundation announced that Facebook’s criticism of Apple’s anti-tracking initiatives is laughable, because the social network is actually working against the small companies it is supposed to try to protect.

The ongoing media campaign from Facebook to try to pressure Apple to stop its program of changes to reduce the amount of ad tracking has received criticism from Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company itself.

The privacy-focused, nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation has now entered the controversy and sided with Apple.

The foundation said the Facebook campaign, which claims that Apple’s privacy changes will be bad for small businesses, is in fact the opposite.

Instead of protecting privacy, the foundation says: It’s a laughable attempt by Facebook to distract users from its poor record of anti-competitive behaviors and privacy issues, and to disrupt pro-privacy moves that could be bad for Facebook’s business.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation praised Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature via iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

The foundation said: Asking trackers to seek your consent should be a clear basis by enabling users to choose external trackers that can or cannot work.

“This change gives users more knowledge of what apps are doing, helps protect users from abuse, and allows them to make better decisions for themselves,” It added.

The nonprofit believes the feature is another step in the right direction to reduce developer abuse by giving users the knowledge and control of their personal data.

With regard to Facebook’s campaign against Apple, the foundation says: It is not a matter of small companies, but of who benefits from the ads, and what Facebook could lose if its users know more about what it and other data brokers are doing behind the scenes.

It is believed that targeted advertising, which relies on these tracking tools, makes more money than non-targeted ads, but the Digital Frontier Foundation claims that the additional revenue does not reach content makers or app developers.

Given that few companies dominate the online advertising market, the corporation says: Small businesses cannot compete effectively.

This is partly due to promoting the superiority of targeted advertising over other ways to reach customers, which in turn makes non-targeted ads less valuable.

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