The date of the release of Windows 11 officially

Microsoft revealed the release date of Windows 11, and this was part of the event announcing the system and its full features.

Microsoft also talked about the possibility of a free upgrade to Windows 11 and access to the system, in addition to the operating specifications of the system.

Windows 11 release date and cost of moving to it:

All Windows computers will be released in 2022 with Windows 11 because they can run it.

You can also install Windows 11 officially on your computer starting next week if you are a participant in the Windows insider program.

The Windows insider program sends new updates to you first before releasing them to other users.

The Windows insider program sends new updates to you first before releasing them to other users.

It is closer to a test program for those close to Microsoft and technologists who are interested in Windows and its new updates.

As Windows 11 will be released within the Windows Insder program by June 30, this is the earliest date for its release.

But you should not install any copy that you find in front of you from the system, especially from untrusted sites.

This is because unofficial and leaked versions may contain malicious files on your system and may reach ransomware and other dangerous viruses.

Therefore, you must wait for the update to arrive officially or for Microsoft to allow you to install it officially through its site.

Microsoft always allows the system to be installed through its official website, and downloading the system from the site is free, but to activate it, you need to subscribe or purchase a copy.

You should make sure that your computer can run Windows 11 as well, because very old computers with 32-bit processors will not be able to get the upgrade.

You can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

This is if you are using a paid version of Windows 10 or Windows 7, which is similar to what Microsoft did with Windows 10 as well.

So if you wait a little while, Windows 11 update will come to you for free on your Windows 10 computer.

Windows 11 specifications:

Windows 11 requires simple but up-to-date operating specifications, which means that you need a modern computer for at least several years.

Your processor should only run on 64-bit technology, as Microsoft has stopped supporting 32-bit computers.

You also need a stable internet connection to install Windows 11 Home Edition and you also need an active Microsoft account.

You can get a Microsoft account for free, and you will need it to take advantage of all the new features of Windows 11.

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