Bypass iCloud lock from iPhone 4 on macOS Via Silver V5.5

Apple has a security feature (iCloud) in its iOS operating system, which is one of the strictest security systems, after restoring your iPhone 4 factory settings, iOS asks you to enter the last iCloud that was previously synced to iPhone 4 before performing the restore to verify the identity The true owner of iPhone 4.

All about the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup

Apple has not yet set a date for announcing the lineup of new iPhones that it will launch this year; But as usual; Many leaks and rumors have already appeared about the specifications and features of these phones, as it is expected that they will come with a variety of changes and improvements to entice users of the current and previous models to upgrade.

How to delete and retrieve deleted emails on any iphone or ipad

Sometimes; You may find that the inbox in the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad has been filled with many messages, which requires you to delete some of them so that you can quickly find the important messages, but if you want to undo this step for any reason The process of retrieving these messages from the trash folder or archive only takes a few steps.

The most important new features coming in the iOS 14.5 update for iPhone phones

Apple began launching the first beta version of the update (iOS 14.5) and (iPadOS 14.5) for developers on February 1, which includes some new features, and Apple focuses on enhancing personal privacy, which prompted companies such as Facebook to launch a Fierce attack on Apple.

How to transfer contacts from Android phone to iPhone easily?

While the Android operating system from Google is still one of the most operating systems that work in smartphones with more than 72% according to Statcounter, at some point you may want to switch to an iOS phone from Apple, and then you will definitely need to transfer All your data to your new phone, including your contacts.

5 ways to block in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad

For some users of Apple devices, in-app purchases can be very annoying, especially parents who try to prevent their children from spending money on buying games all the time, and in general we find that many people have many reasons to stop in-app purchases on their devices especially At certain times of the year, such as: holidays.

How did a flaw in iMessage to hack dozens of journalists’ iPhones?

A new report issued by the Citizen Lab Group at the University of Toronto revealed that an unknown exploit in the iMessage application was used to penetrate dozens of journalists' iPhones, and this hack occurred in July and August 2020, where government agents used the Pegasus spyware to penetrate 36 phones. In person for Al Jazeera journalists, producers, reporters, and executives. The phone of a journalist at Al-Arabi, which is based in London, was hacked.

What do new privacy stickers mean in iPhone apps and where do you find them?

During this month, Apple launched new (privacy stickers) for iPhone applications in its store to provide more transparency about data collection from iOS applications, which is a new section that appears on the page of each application listed on the App Store that includes a summary published by the developer of the privacy practices related to the application, It is now available to all owners of iPhones running the latest version of iOS 14.

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