Why is Mark Zuckerberg focusing on attacking Apple more than other companies?

Competition between major tech companies, skirmishes, and media data is a regular thing in the tech milieu, and we see it a lot and it is not surprising, especially in Silicon Valley, but it seems that the competition between Apple and Facebook or more specifically between the two chief executives (Mark Zuckerberg) and (Tim Cook) is It is something out of the ordinary and has become what appears to be a more personal conflict than a conflict between two companies that have a direct link to more than two-thirds of the world's population.

All about the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup

Apple has not yet set a date for announcing the lineup of new iPhones that it will launch this year; But as usual; Many leaks and rumors have already appeared about the specifications and features of these phones, as it is expected that they will come with a variety of changes and improvements to entice users of the current and previous models to upgrade.

How to delete and retrieve deleted emails on any iphone or ipad

Sometimes; You may find that the inbox in the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad has been filled with many messages, which requires you to delete some of them so that you can quickly find the important messages, but if you want to undo this step for any reason The process of retrieving these messages from the trash folder or archive only takes a few steps.

The most important new features coming in the iOS 14.5 update for iPhone phones

Apple began launching the first beta version of the update (iOS 14.5) and (iPadOS 14.5) for developers on February 1, which includes some new features, and Apple focuses on enhancing personal privacy, which prompted companies such as Facebook to launch a Fierce attack on Apple.

Apple develops a new MacBook Air with MagSafe charging

Apple is developing a thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air, and according to Bloomberg, the new computer is scheduled to be launched during the second half of this year at the earliest or in 2022.

Apple fails to overturn VirnetX patent ruling

A federal judge denied Apple's offer to avoid or reduce a $ 502.8 million patent infringement ruling in favor of VirnetX, which could boost Apple's total payments in two cases to more than $ 1.1 billion.

4 ways to control apps notifications on Apple Watch

The Apple smartwatch allows you to reduce the use of the iPhone to a minimum, as you can install many applications in your smartwatch directly, but this often comes at the expense of focus as these applications send notifications frequently, which vary between task, such as emails Or, unimportant ones, such as social media notifications, which requires you to spend some time setting and allocating them to reduce their visibility.

Global spending on apps amounted to $ 407 million

The year 2020 witnessed an unprecedented shift in global spending on apps and games within mobile devices, which exceeded $ 100 billion in one year for the first time in November, according to closures due to the Coronavirus that forced people to search for more home entertainment.

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