Suits with electric wings speeds of 300 kilometers per hour

BMW takes passengers to new heights with the first electric wing suit that reaches a speed of 186 miles per hour (300 kilometers per hour), with traditional suits reaching speeds of only 62 miles per hour.

The design stems from the brainchild of professional skydiver (Peter Salzmann) , who worked with the German automaker to transform vision from drawing to first flight test.

The chest mount is attached to the suit, which contains two carbon fans that provide power of 7.5 kW, a speed of about 25,000 rpm and a total output of 15 kW, which is available for five minutes.

On the first voyage, Salzman leaped into the air 10,000 feet over the Alps on a steep flight.

The idea of the electric wings suit came to Salzman in 2017, and it started as sketches that were turned into digital models and then the first prototype.

Salzman explains: The first model of the electric wing suit was made of cardboard, and I built it so that I could understand the size of the propulsion unit, including the batteries and everything related to it.

The propulsion unit was initially positioned at the rear, but has moved to the front after initial sketches and discussions with aerodynamics experts.

Salzman collaborated with BMW, which provided the tools for the suit design and drive system, and the group worked on a smaller system, about 40 inches wide, and equipped with 5-inch propellers.

The chest holder is powered by a 50-volt lithium battery that weighs approximately 26 pounds and is also equipped with an energy storage unit.

The power flow control device connects to the engine with the left sleeve, providing a boost to speeds of up to 186 mph.

The first series of test flights were carried out in a BMW horizontal wind tunnel to validate the design before being taken to the sky.

Salzmann completed more than 30 test jumps in his high-tech suit, and the actual jump took place near the peaks of Drei BrĂ¼der in the Hohe Tauern in the Alps.

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