Sony reveals features the PS5 will not support at launch

Two Sony officials revealed, in an interview with the Japanese AV Watch website, some functions that will not be present in the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming platform upon its launch.

In contrast to the platforms (Xbox Series X) and (Xbox Series S) from Microsoft, which preceded the (PlayStation 5) platform, the latter will not support local image output on screens that have a resolution of 1440p, but instead From that it will increase the resolution of 1080p screens.

One official said: The reason for this is that Sony wanted to focus on supporting TVs in the beginning, which means that it indicates that there is no technical reason not to support the feature, and the company may decide to support it if there is sufficient demand from users.

The (PlayStation 5) platform will not contain a web browser, contrary to the tradition established by the (PlayStation 3) and (PlayStation 4) platforms. An official suspects that the user should have a separate web browser that exceeds the capabilities of the browser required in the platform, such as logging in to Wi-Fi networks or the account systems of some game publishers.

It also appears that the compatibility of the (PlayStation 5) platform with virtual reality technology is very little, with the need to apply for a free camera adapter to support the virtual reality glasses, then it is not possible to play virtual reality games except in the compatibility mode for the games of the platform (PlayStation 4 ).

Sony plans to launch the new gaming platform (PlayStation 5) next Thursday, November 12, 2020, and two days ago, the company published many answers to common questions that clarify many details about the new gaming platform.

And it was mentioned in the questions that some games (PlayStation 5) will be free from geographic link, which means that players will be able to play some games from other countries without any problems. For example: If there is a game dedicated to Japan, players in the United States can play it there.

The (PlayStation 5) platform will also support Sony’s PlayStation Now cloud gaming service, which means that it will be possible to play the older PlayStation games in more numbers than was previously thought.

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