Snap announces Story Studio app

Snap wants to be the company that people think of when they want to edit videos on their mobile phone, so during the annual partnership summit, it announced a new iOS app that helps it achieve this goal called Story Studio.

The app gives people specially designed editing tools for portable or vertical videos, and Story Studio pulls data from Snapchat and a Spotlight feature to help people figure out how and what to do.

The new app focuses on content creators, and gives them several editing tools so that they can make the content look as professional as possible.

Story editing tools are still present in Snapchat, but if you are creating content for Spotlight or if you are a Snap star, you may need more powerful editing tools, and accordingly many content creators choose to edit their stories over the computer.

But many content makers want to do everything over their phones, which is why there are few powerful video editing tools available, but the company introduces a new app that works better with Snapchat.

With Story Studio, you can see what’s popular on Snapchat, including sounds, themes, and lenses, and in this way, you can remix popular content and create your own.

Story Studio lets you crop your shots with fine frame editing, add captions, stickers, and other visual elements, and take advantage of the company’s list of licensed music, as well as the ability to save and edit a project later.

When you’re done editing, you can share the video with Snapchat – you can use it to post a story or video to Spotlight.

Story Studio also works with other platforms, and you can save the project or export the video to other apps on your phone.

Notably, content created in Story Studio will not include a watermark, which means that if it is published via other platforms, its access will not be reduced by the algorithm.

Story Studio is launching later this year and is available exclusively on iOS for now.

In addition to Story Studio, the company is launching the web version of the Spotlight feature, so that people can watch Spotlight content without running Snapchat even when they browse the web on their desktops.

Content makers can download the videos to Spotlight from Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari.

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