Samsung wants to launch a tri-fold phone and another with a foldable screen

In recent years, Samsung has become a leader in the market for foldable smartphones, as it currently has a clamshell phone in the market, the Galaxy Z Flip, and another phone with a better design and larger screen, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Now, the Korean technology giant has published a poster hinting at the future of foldable smartphone designs, featuring a design for a phone that folds more than once.

The attached image published by Samsung showed a foldable phone, with a folding mechanism in the shape of the letter Z, which means that the screen is divided into three thirds, where the left third of the screen folds inward on the middle third, while the right third folds towards the back behind the middle third.

Samsung wants to launch a tri-fold phone
a tri-fold phone

It is believed that the new design will be useful, especially as it theoretically means an increase in the screen size in a way that brings the device closer to tablets, compared to the current foldable smartphones. It also eliminates the need for an external display.

However, it is feared that these phones, which are folded more than once, will lack the required durability, especially since the first generation of Samsung folding phones suffered from joint problems, so adding a second joint may make the task difficult for Samsung.

It is also believed that introducing a multi-fold phone will increase the number of folds in the screen, however, this would not be a big problem if the folds were not very visible, as in the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung has not announced any time frame for the launch of the multi-fold phone that appeared in the post, but it is an indication that the company may be the first to introduce this design to the market.

In another graphic, Samsung showed a device with a rotatable screen. This visualization of a rollable screen that can be stored in a small space can be very appealing, but the only obvious limitation appears to be that this thin screen cannot be used without placing it on a hard surface. The attraction factor is that the device can be easily transported everywhere.

a device with a rotatable screen
a device with a rotatable screen

In another news related to Samsung as well, it was reported that the company is developing a new smartphone from the Galaxy A series named Galaxy A32 5G, and it may be the cheapest smartphone supporting the 5G networks of the company so far.

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